How to make yourself cry on command

Every artist has a dedication to improve their performance on a regular basis. They can take note of the best techniques to make positive changes in their carrier. They search for how to cry on cue and make use of every opportunity to be successful in their career.

If you are an entertainer and thinking about how to cry based on the overall requirements of the character, then you can take note of easy-to-follow techniques to cry one the cue.

You have to be conscious about how to stimulate your tear ducts and pull the heartstrings of audiences.

cry on command

Cry by using your emotions

It is the right time to make yourself cry and get the desired result expected by your audiences. You can take note of the following details about how to generate tears from your genuine emotion and make use of every opportunity to succeed in your career.

  • Cry in character results from an actor entirely engrossing him in the role
  • Meditate on memories you experienced heartbreak or considerable loss
  • Imagine any sorrowful event happened to you or someone else
  • Think of a compassionate memory, moving or story
  • Use the personal object that stirs up your emotion
  • Use a favorite emotional YouTube video, a poignant movie scene, a sad song or the heart-breaking chapter in any book

How to cry without emotions

Individuals who cry on demand sometimes get much difficulty and seek the complete guidelines to achieve their goal. They do not have to use their emotions to cry before the camera or audiences in the live show. This is because they can cry without emotions.

The following details explain some of these techniques and increase your eagerness to follow such techniques one after another.

  • Recreate the bodily responses of a crying person
  • Laugh
  • Try staring and generate tears
  • Yawn repeatedly
  • Apply menthol tear stick or menthol tear-producing spray
  • Cut an onion
  • Pluck the nose hairs out of the nose

Regular improvement in the overall acting is a challenging task especially for every beginner. It is the best suitable time to directly focus on and use the smart techniques for enhancing your acting skills. You can feel free to choose and use the suitable techniques and get the desired improvement in your performance.  Once you have preferred and use any of these techniques at any time, you can get the most expected result without difficulty and delay.