How does an actor memorize lines?

All professions have some hurdles and risk factors which is mandatory to achieve it, likewise when it comes to acting profession people may wonder how does actors memorize the whole script? It may sounds like funny and stupid question but in real it is a real fact to know how it is possible to memorize a whole 12 pages of script and deliver them while shooting.

Many actors follow different memorizing lines techniques, in order to deliver a perfect script matches with character on shooting time. However when actors are questioned to remember about their previous shooting script some may do some may not.

All these made people curious to know about actor’s secret of line memorizing techniques.

actors learn their lines

Secrets of actors in line memorizing:

When it comes to memorizing script lines it is mandatory to all actors either it may be drama actors or commercial actors or may be a filming actors all should do script memorization. But it is not that all follow same methods each actor follows their own technique for memorizing.

Here some of secrets how actors memorize lines are listed below.

  • All the professional actors mostly prefer to do scene by scene memorization which would be easy for deliver. To do that the actor would divide scenes with some notes understanding to them this would better options for film shooting. When it comes to commercial shooting or TV shows actors would not be given much time due to rush in new episodes. So often they would memorize lines in day off or in night by practicing mono act.

  • Moreover if the director needs more perfection in dialog delivery then actors would take a week time to memorize whole script while doing so it may affect production. So often most of actors won’t deliver 100% script lines rather they would try to fill out with their own lines matching to the character.
  • Most of the leading actors will never try to memorize the lines since it may hurt them as well as acting too. In need of delivering perfect lines actor would miss out the character attitude or when there is any line lock then it may canned the performance. So to avoid all these actors learn their lines just by reading or go through and deliver in their style with some alterations.

Apart from the above technique actors would paraphrase the script lines with the character’s attitude, thinking and their present stage. This would help lot to deliver perfect script lines in character mode.